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Macc People covid-19 testing

MACC People offers testing to both individuals and organizations. We help both you with symptoms and you who are going out and traveling. We help companies with ongoing outbreaks as well as with preventive measures.

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We offer covid-19 testing

MACC People offers rapid testing, which give a very strong indication of whether the test person is infected with COVID-19 in less than 20 minutes. We help you with both ongoing outbreaks and preventive measures.

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Drive-in service

When you come to us, you can stay in the car while our competent healthcare staff tests you for both ongoing infection and antibodies. Both safe and convenient.

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Covid-19 antigen & antibody test

At the same time, we perform both an antigen test that shows ongoing infection and an antibody test that shows past infection.

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Sampling company

We test your staff on site in your premises with trained healthcare staff. In the event of an outbreak, our tests quickly give an indication of how many have been infected.

Covid-19 Sampling

Do you want to ensure that your business can continue without interruption during the pandemic?

About us

Our healthcare operations are Caregiver registered with IVO and our staff must always submit extracts from the debit register for new employment and upon request. Licensed personnel are always checked for new employment regarding valid identification and control with IVO of presence in the HSAN (Health and Medical Care Responsibility Committee) register.

Our staff is paid in accordance with a collective agreement between the Almega union Vårdföretagarna and the unions Vårdförbundet and Kommunal.

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We work in accordance with the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations and general advice on management systems for systematic quality work, SOSFS 2011:9 9 (M and S).

The doctor in charge of medical care is Associate Professor Ardavan Khoshnood

The medically responsible nurse is MSc Kenneth Kronohage

Ongoing outbreaks and preventive measures

We can now offer large-scale COVID-19 antigen and antibody testing with validated rapid tests to companies, municipalities and other businesses in your own premises. In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, our tests can quickly give an indication of how many have been infected.

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