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We are part of the fight against covid-19

We supplement the region’s own testing by giving you a quick indication of whether you are infected. Many of our customers are companies whose operations require the employees to be physically present. With our tests, organizations with high sickness absence get a quick idea of whether there is a spread of infection in the workplace that contributes to both employees’ health and avoiding production stoppages. HERE is an example of how this has helped elderly care in Mölndal.

We also welcome you who have ongoing symptoms of covid-19 such as cough, fever and loss of smell and taste. Our qualified healthcare staff makes an overall assessment of your symptoms and test results and, if necessary, also recommends a supplementary PCR test if there is uncertainty. We of course follow strict hygiene routines that ensure that any positively tested person does not risk being in contact with other visitors.

Each category of diagnostic tests has its own unique role in the fight against covid-19. Antibody, antigen and PCR tests are differently good at detecting the virus in different phases of the infection. Therefore, we perform both antigen and antibody tests at the same time – to give as complete a picture as possible of what phase of the infection the test person is in.

More information about our tests

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test – checks for protein fragments from the virus and thus detects its direct, physical presence in the body. It is performed with a stick from the oral cavity and / or nasopharynx. This sample is extracted into a buffer solution and then pipetted onto the test cassette. A qualitative result is ready in less than 20 minutes.

Diagnostic sensitivity is higher than 98% (ct value: ≤ 33) and the diagnostic specificity is & gt; 99%. This means that positive results from antigen tests are very accurate. Because there is always a residual risk of a false negative result, we also offer a complementary PCR test to confirm negative results if the symptom picture indicates that covid-19 infection is likely.

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