Covid-19 Testing

MACC People offers rapid testing, which give a very strong indication of whether the test person is infected with COVID-19 in less than 20 minutes. We help you with both ongoing outbreaks and preventive measures.

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Covid-19 antigen & antibody test

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Covid-19 testing

We can now offer large-scale COVID-19 antigen and antibody testing with validated rapid tests to companies, municipalities and other businesses in your own premises. In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, our tests can quickly give an indication of how many have been infected.

Our healthcare staff always measures the temperature of you who are being tested and the test results are documented with a certificate in English if desired. When someone tests positive on the antigen rapid test, we automatically make a report in accordance with the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act to the relevant authorities.

Our tests are mainly used by organizations where telework is not possible, this applies to companies with operations in production and retail. We also help you who are to conduct meetings, trainings or similar gatherings where people need to be able to feel safe together.

Our quicktest´s comes from Abbott and our PCR tests comes from Life Genomics AB, a laboratory approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency. Our antigen test is the same as Region Skåne uses, who where one of the first regions in the country to use this. The pressure to get help with testing is great and we work according to the “first come, first served” method, so do not wait to order your test.

Are you going to travel abroad?

Are you going to travel abroad? We also offer travel certificates performed by doctors. The process is as smooth as our other tests and both results and certificates arrive within a maximum of two days. These PCR tests come from TATAA Biocenter AB and we issue certificates for travel to all countries.

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