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Common questions

Here we answer the most common questions about our sampling.

Can I test with you if I have symptoms?

How long does it take to get an answer to a quick test?

How safe are the results from the test?

How long before my trip do I need to test myself to get answers before I leave?

What travel certificate do I need?

Where can I find information on which certificates apply to different countries?

Are your certificates approved for entry into all countries?

Who analyzes your PCR tests?

Which PCR test does your lab perform?

What kind of travel certificate do I need?

Where can I find information about travel requirements for certain countries?

Are your certificates valid for travel to all countries in the world

Who are analysing your PCR samples?

Is my travel certificate signed by a doctor?

What training do the staff performing the tests have?

Where can I see more about how the sampling is done?

For which countries does your certificate apply?

What Antigen tests do you use to perform your travel certificates?

What is the performance of your Antigen test?

I suspect I have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, what test should I take?

Can your tests show incorrect answers?

Do I receive compensation if it turns out that I received an incorrect answer?

What kind of PCR test are you providing?

What kind of Rapid Antigen tests are you using?

What specifications does your Antigen test have?

Can your test results be wrong?

Will I be compensated in case it turns out that I have received a wrong test result?

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